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iTree's Technology Management

The technology management consulting team at iTree improves the alignment of business and technology through improved process efficiency, reduced cost and enhanced business value of IT. Our consultants combine extensive technical experience with strong strategic and business focused leadership.

We work with some of the largest companies in the world, providing solutions to their issues using a proven business-focused approach. Starting with an understanding of the business need, we then work with our clients to design and deliver efficient solutions, striking the right balance between leveraging what they have and delivering what they need.

We help our clients in building a high performance IT organization through formalizing the IT strategy, governance, metrics, business processes, technology and organization structure needed to deliver and manage efficient, high quality IT services. We work with our clients in architecture, business value analysis, asset management, product evaluation and selection, data privacy and security of their IT function.

At iTree, we manage IT infrastructure for clients around the globe. We have well defined service level agreements that provide you with the assurance of consistently superior performance. Be it multiple service windows, availability or technologies, we have the flexibility and agility to ensure that your IT infrastructure is always responsive to your business needs.

Web services technology, by reducing integration complexity, will allow enterprises to build stronger and faster relationships with customers and partners. This in turn will mean fast turn around time for services and reduced time to market for products for our customers.

We believe that Web Services technology allows it to offer to their customers the ability to leverage their existing IT applications by moving them from the core of the enterprise to the edge by externalizing and thus making them accessible beyond their usual problem space. Through these major consulting initiatives we help our customer achieve this vision and derive value from their investments.

The client wanted to increase its revenues from its professional services organization and at the same migrate away from low value hardware and software installation servers to higher value storage consulting services.

Business Planning was used to evaluate the client's opportunity across different segments of the storage services market. Wipro developed recommendations for the client's target market, market entry strategy and business model.

iTree developed fact-based, actionable recommendations for the client's target market, market entry strategy, as well the new business and organizational models for the client professional services organization.









Complete US Staffing Solution

sBiz360 is a single window web application targeted exclusively and complete business solution for the US contract staffing industry at 360 degrees. sBiz360 integrates all the process workflow starting from recruitment/marketing department to payroll department.


Email & Social Media Marketing

Outbox360 helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use, and track your results. It's like your own personal publishing platform.




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